My children and I have taken many classes at the ARAS over the past 15 years. Every class that we have taken has been a complete pleasure. The teachers and staff have been kind, supportive and very professional whether it be to arrange make-up classes, solve parking concerns or provide advice in the event a program has to be cancelled. For the past 4 years, I have taken Jennifer Chin's digital photography courses. The encouragement and support of both Ms. Chin and the ARAS have inspired me to create photographs worthy of being displayed in several galleries. The staff and founder of the ARAS are a unique group of people who believe deeply in the arts and providing a safe and supportive environment in which children and adults can freely explore their inner artists. They have always exceeded my expectations in every way including professionalism, courtesy and respect for the individual. I have only praise for Lola and her staff and thank all of them for helping one of my dreams come true. I intend to attend classes at the ARAS as long as I am able to do so. - Jane Southey

As a relatively new painter I wanted a safe, friendly environment in which to explore my desire to paint. The Avenue Road Art School is that place. The teachers are not only well distinguished artists in the art community they are also skilled, encouraging and inspiring mentors. The day of my art class has become my favourite day of the week. I look forward to the stimulation of a good lesson and the time to work one on one with the teacher. The camaraderie of my fellow students completes a great session. To be able to learn in such a nurturing space is an experience any aged student would flourish in. - Jane Lind

My kids and I have been going to Avenue Road Art School for the past five years. My favorite days of the week were Tuesday's and Thursday's as I was doing what I loved, photography and pottery. My kids were part of the program where ARAS staff picked up my kids at Brown school and brought them to Avenue Road Art School which saved me in pick up and drop off time. They were provided a healthy snack when they arrived. The kids loved the different classes they took and learned so much about Art, Drama, Art History and various different mediums. We recently moved to Calgary, and I cannot find a school here that offers the same level of instruction combined with the selection of classes offered at Avenue Road Art School! Your school offers a large variety of courses, with instructors who are second to none. I enjoyed individual attention and instruction while in a group setting. My teachers encouraged me to work outside my normal boundaries to create a portfolio of work that has made me proud. Our work has been placed on high end restaurant walls and shown in our very own Sensations Show at an art Gallery in Toronto. I was hooked!! Keep up the good work. I really miss you guys. Maybe you can open a division of ARAS in Calgary? - Karen Smith

I have been taking classes at Avenue Rd Art school for over 5 years. I have found the classes to be a lot of fun as well as very instructive. My main teacher for the past several years has been Martha Johnson. She is a very inspiring teacher who is particularly excellent at recognizing the individual needs of each of her students and helping develop their artistic direction. Martha is very supportive but is also critical when needed. She does not imposed her own style on her students and as a result the work produced by her students is extremely varied. She has a large following of accomplished artists who continue to take her classes for inspiration and mentoring. - Linda Sugar