Paul Robert Turner

Allan Turner

Allan Turner is a writer, director, and stage/screen/voice actor as well as being one of the more sought after and respected clowns working in Toronto today. He has an Honours BA in Creative Writing from York University and has taken workshops on writing for comics and animation with John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy), Matthew Luhn (Pixar), and Ty Templeton (DC Comics). In addition to writing his own comic books and web comics, three plays and numerous comedy sketches, Allan has also written and directed for video games, museums, and travelling school shows. Allan trained in improv at The Second City and studied clown with Sue Morrison at The Theatre Resource Centre as well as John Turner of Mump & Smoot at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. He is a Theatresports and Bad Dog Theatre Company alumnus and continues to be a fixture in the Toronto comedy scene. For the past 14 years, Allan has acted as the fan favourite zombie clown, Jean-Paul Mullet. Television credits include Orphan Black (Space), Zoink'd (YTV) and Ed & Red's Night Party (CityTV), where Mullet was a recurring guest star. Currently, Allan produces and hosts the hit Mullet's Night Show, a live cabaret done in the style of a late night television talk show. Visit