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Local Heroes: Art school founder crosses socio-economic borders

The Village Post
November 2003

Local Heroes:
Art school founder crosses socio-economic borders
by Julie Greco

When Lola Rasminsky began teaching six kindergarten children an integrated arts program in the basement of her Russell Hill Road home, she had no idea how quickly it would grow or the impact art would have on children’s lives.

At that time, Rasminsky, who wanted to teach music after taking her M.A. in philosophy at the University of Toronto, decided to begin the program so she could stay at home with her two children. But soon the graduates of the kindergarten class, which combined music, art and drama, wanted to continue. And their parents also wanted to join in. Before she knew it, she had about 100 students in her home basement every day.

To accommodate the growth, she purchased the property on Avenue Road in 1993, and the Avenue Road Arts School was born.

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Arts school reaches 10-year milestone

Town Crier Online
November 11, 2003

Arts school reaches 10-year milestone
by Paul Hutchings

Lola Rasminsky is feeling very proud these days.

This year the Avenue Road School for the Arts, which she founded in her basement in 1979, reached its 10-year anniversary in its present form. Holding classes in such subjects as painting, sculpture, pottery, and drama, the three-storey house doesn’t look like a place where classes could be held — especially for 1,200 students.

“The fact that it’s not a large building is both our strength and weakness,” said Rasminsky.

“The advantage of having a smaller building is that it’s an intimate atmosphere, and the class sizes are small by design, but also by necessity.”

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