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Joseph Romantini’s work now at P.I. Creative Art Studio

One of our fantastic instructors at Avenue Road Arts School, Joseph Romantini, is now showing his artwork at art publisher and current representative P.I. Creative Art Studio. His first works on display at the prominent studio are “Untitled”: realistic and contemporary monochrome oil-on-canvas painting of a woman’s legs in various outfits and poses.


“Untitled” by Joseph Romantini. 22×30, oil on canvas.

"Untitled" by Josepg Romantini. 22x30, oil on canvas

“Untitled” by Joseph Romantini. 22×30, oil on canvas










Both pieces are 22 x 30, and are available for purchase from P.I. Creative, 1180 Caledonia Road, Toronto, ON. For sales inquiries, please email or call 1-416-789-7156 .