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Kids Create Fantasy Land

The Toronto Star
August 1, 1998

Kids Create Fantasy Land
Imagination is the key to time travel —
to the past and to the future — for young arts school students

A sparkling 2-metre turquoise dinosaur was the hit of the show.

The amazing creature, made of chicken wire covered by painted paper fabric, was surrounded by clay fossils, plaster dinosaur bones, painted dino footprints on the floor and paper-towel-roll prehistoric bugs on the ceiling, much bedecked with buttons, spools and film reels.

It was the creation of Avenue Road Arts School’s small students, who recently mounted an exhibit on the theme of time travel.

While the wildly colourful displays all over the three-storey building were imaginative and appealing, some kids could hardly tear themselves away from the basement dinosaur expedition.

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Adults Just Wanna Have Fun

The Toronto Star
August 6, 1994

Adults Just Wanna Have Fun
It’s like being a kid again at the Avenue Road Arts School
where people can be as loud, messy and creative as they want

Radio personality Andy Barrie used to think it was his own private passion — belting out Broadway show tunes in the shower or wailing them out as he drives along the highway.

Then he came across the Avenue Road Arts School and discovered a whole class full of enthusiastic fellow belters and wailers.

“I found that singing ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ at the top of your lungs is a secret vice for a lot of people,” he says. “And singing together is one of the great simple pleasures of life.”

Barrie has already taken the class in singing Broadway show tunes three times and be plans to take it again. “It’s amazingly therapeutic,” he observes, “and it’s a lot of fun.”

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