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Choices, Choices: Fun 101

The Toronto Sun
January 29, 1995

Choices, Choices: Fun 101
Art School Magical Place for Creativity

Entering the Avenue Rd. Art School is like crossing the threshold of a child’s imagination: You’re choosing to learn “art” in its broadest sense, as a child learns art — for fun.

Framed primary-colored paintings hang on dark wood-panelled walls. Carefree wishes — “When I grow up I want to be everything, every day” — are taped around classrooms. Ribbons of twisted green crepe paper transform bathrooms into subterranean seascapes.

“It’s a place of creativity,” remarks retired business journalist Grace McKenzie, 71, now in her fourth drawing course. “The architecture, itself, encourages creativity.”

Vibrancy and fun bubble out of every nook and cranny. And, of course, there’s music in the air. That’s what founder and director Lola Rasminsky wants.

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