Salone di Cultura Presents Beyond Bella

Artistic Director Daniela Nardi tackles the myths surrounding Italian-Canadian women with Beyond Bella, the seventh edition of the bold and engaging Salone di Cultura. Coinciding with Italian Heritage Month, the June 8, 2018 Salone celebrates Italian-Canadian women artists and creators. For the first time, the Salone takes place at Toronto’s 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media & Education, where Nardi was recently appointed Executive Director.

ARAS instructor Sandra Tarantino will be featured.

Salone’s Beyond Bella is presented in collaboration / partnership with: Villa Charities/Carrier Art Gallery, Abbozzo Gallery, Hamilton Arts Council and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto

Full press release can be found on the Salone di Cultura FB page at:

Other artists for the evening include:
Espresso Manifesto (Music)
Andrea Ramolo (Music)
Julie Campagna (Artist)
Frances Patella (Artist)
Cinzia Cavalieri (Artist)
Terri Favro (Writer)

Tickets for sale online at Eventbrite.

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