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A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Businessman

The Globe and Mail
November 14, 2000

Have I missed something?

Every provincial government but Quebec has cut back on arts education, apparently deciding that the work force of the future will be better served by graduates with more computer know-how and less training in the arts. At the same time, however, cutting-edge businesses and schools are employing artists and actors to train senior executives in how to think creatively and find new ways of collaborating with colleagues.

I know this, because enlightened companies, such as Bell Canada and Nortel, and the Rotman School of Management have employed the services of art and drama teachers from the Avenue Road Arts School. At the same time, premiers such as Ontario’s Mike Harris find arts specialists entirely dispensable in the public school system. There is an unsettling disconnect here, one that could have a devastating impact in the long term.

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