Digital Photography & Mixed Media
(Grades 7-10)

with Jennifer Chin

So many of us love to take pictures but once they are in our camera what can we do with them? In this course students will learn to use their own photographs to create exciting and experimental mixed media artworks. We will explore different ways of combining photography with a variety of material processes such as print making, acrylic transfer, textile design, ceramics, and collage. Students will create artworks which showcase their versatility, creativity, and unique vision of the world. The course will begin with photographic basics such as framing, lighting, and composition before moving to our mixed media projects.

Students should have access to some type of camera for this course. Cell phones, tablets, compact cameras, DSLRs are all welcome.

11429 - Thursdays 4:30-6:00 PM

Spring: $320.00 + HST