Through theme-based learning, children are exposed to engaging themes from science, the environment, history and literature, while developing their artistic skills through art, drama or music. Small class sizes with two teachers per class ensure the best environment for your child.

Courses are listed in order by age.

Art Fun with your Toddler

(3 & 4 years with a parent or caregiver)

with Chiara Purdy

By combining visual art, drama and music together in theme-based lessons, your tot will learn to connect imagination and creative self-expression with essential life skills such as self-esteem, problem-solving, social interaction and an awareness of the world around them. Lessons focus on introducing an artistic vocabulary, while exposing children to new materials and tools in a safe and nurturing environment.

Unique Treasure Boxes


with Madeleine Domingue

Students can celebrate special memories by creating a treasure or keepsake box that is imaginative and meaningful to them. Using lots of interesting art materials like specialty papers and sequins, students will learn about layering and assemblage to create their one of a kind keepsake boxes.

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