Pop Art

Pop Art Changed the World – GRADES 4-8

In this unique workshop, students will explore the works of famous Pop artists and movements from around the world, including American, Italian, Japanese and British Pop Art. Students will create their own Pop Art that reflects ideas from today’s popular culture, as well as their own inspirations. This fun and eye-catching art form is characterized by utilizing popular images and icons and by incorporating themes, techniques and subject matter from comic books, advertising and product packaging. The class will explore this popular and global art movement through painting, drawing, word art, collage and so much more.

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Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting: A World View – GRADES 7-10

In this online class, geared to those who love to paint, you will learn to explore and trust your imagination and creative instincts, as you discover famous abstract art and artists from around the world, as well as those who inspired them. Working from photographs, illustrations and unique imagery from one’s own imagination, you will create unique works of art incorporating a number of abstract techniques and approaches. Painting fundamentals and techniques include explorations of line, value, colour, shape, pattern, texture and shading will be explored. Young artists will further develop their artistic skills and discover their own personal style, while they learn the history of this incredible art movement.

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Drawing Techniques - Grades5-9

FULL – Drawing Techniques: Oh, the Places You Will Go! – GRADES 5-9

Come and experience the joy of drawing urban and rural landscapes, while you build on your artistic skills. You will increase your drawing abilities as you explore incredible and unique places from around the world through photos that will be shared with the class. Drawing techniques will include shape method, one and two-point perspective, shading, highlighting, patterning and texture as you create your own unique drawings based on the special places we visit virtually.

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Architecture and Design - grades 3-6

Architecture & Design From Around The World – GRADES 4-8

Discover inspirational and unique architecture from around the world! Each day you will learn about one famous structure and then create your own design inspired by this building. You will draw, collage and create 3D scale models of your ideas. By the end of this online camp you will have created at least 4 amazing structures of your own and have learned about how architects think and create!

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Comic Book Art-Characters Grades 3-6

Comic Book Art: Characters in a Whacky World – GRADES 3-6

In this online program, you will learn how to make comics and draw your own visual stories based on a character that you create and the imaginative world that the character lives in. You will learn about character design, comic terminologies, writing stories, comic book design, and typography, as you explore your own imagination. Gain inspiration from renowned international comic artists and their works. You will complete a finished comic inspired by comic books from around the world and your own stories. Focus will be on colour theory, perspective, dynamic human figure drawing and composition. You will have the opportunity to create works that represent your ideas using powerful composition and expressive design.

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Painting - An Artistic View

Painting: An Artistic View of the World – GRADES 3-6

Come and explore famous paintings from around the world, while you build skill and expand your imagination. You will work with a variety of painting techniques AND explore international art and artists. You will learn through creative exercises and create your very own finished paintings. This online course is a colourful way to help you gain confidence, incorporating artistic techniques and skill-based exercises that include the principles and elements of art and design.

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Around the World March Break Art Camp – GRADES JK-4

We can’t jump on a plane this March Break BUT we can still take a journey using our creativity and imagination. So, this March Break, travel with the Avenue Road Arts School and explore different art materials, as you learn about some of the sites, customs and artifacts of a number of countries around the world. From France to India, Thailand to Mexico, we will cover a lot of ground as you draw, paint, collage, use mixed media and expand your knowledge, while discovering more of what the world has to offer.

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