Painting Like The Masters From Around The World – GRADES 4-8

Painting Like The Masters

Painting Like The Masters From Around The World

APRIL 12-16, Grades 4-8

Paint like one of the master artists from around the world and learn how to use colour, value and brush stroke to render a skilled painting. You will learn various approaches to painting, employing techniques that international artists have used, as you develop your own style. In this online art program, you will learn how to set up a tertiary palette of colours, and projects will explore extensions of more contemporary approaches to painting. This class is suited for beginners and those with more experience in drawing and painting.

Materials List

Dates & Times


Time: APRIL 12-16, 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Course Code: 13526



Cost: $165.00 + HST


materials list:

  • 3-5 canvases OR canvas boards - 9x12” to 11x16” is recommended
  • Mixed media or watercolour paper pad - 9x12” to 11x16” is recommended
  • Paints: acrylic or tempera/craft paint and watercolour paints
    • Colours: white, black, red, blue, yellow as well as any other colours you may have
  • Paint brushes: synthetic flat edge and round tip brushes, foam brushes, household painting brushes
  • Mod Podge or Gesso 
  • Old rag or paper towel
  • Plastic palette knife or plastic knife/spoon
  • Palette or any surface to put paints on
  • Crayons or oil pastels
  • Black permanent marker
  • Water jugs
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape