Pop Art

Pop Art Changed the World – GRADES 4-8

In this unique workshop, students will explore the works of famous Pop artists and movements from around the world, including American, Italian, Japanese and British Pop Art. Students will create their own Pop Art that reflects ideas from today’s popular culture, as well as their own inspirations. This fun and eye-catching art form is characterized by utilizing popular images and icons and by incorporating themes, techniques and subject matter from comic books, advertising and product packaging. The class will explore this popular and global art movement through painting, drawing, word art, collage and so much more.

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Drawing Technique

Drawing Techniques: Across the Globe – GRADES 4-8

Grab your sketchbooks and join us on an artistic adventure where we will learn to draw some of the sights, flavours, and sounds from across the globe. Through our virtual travels we will work together on the fundamentals of drawing building value, form, and line into our drawings with techniques like hatching, blending, and perspective to bring our artworks to life.

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Painting Like The Masters

Painting Like The Masters From Around The World – GRADES 4-8

Paint like one of the master artists from around the world and learn how to use colour, value and brush stroke to render a skilled painting. You will learn various approaches to painting, employing techniques that international artists have used, as you develop your own style. In this online art program, you will learn how to set up a tertiary palette of colours, and projects will explore extensions of more contemporary approaches to painting. This class is suited for beginners and those with more experience in drawing and painting.

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Your Travel Art Journal

Your Travel Art Journal – GRADES 4-8

Come and get creative this March Break as we travel (virtually) and learn about other countries and customs and then create artistic and unique pages in our journals about the places we visit. You will use many different materials to express yourself and document the things that really stuck out for you during our online travels. You will use writing, painting, drawing, collage and your own personal objects to truly make your journal entries unique and one of a kind. So, join us and get creative as you explore the world.

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Mixed Media & World Photograph

Mixed Media & World Photography – GRADES 4-8

This online class is perfect for students who love to explore! You will use photos from around the world that you can print out at home or look at to spark ideas towards further explorations. Use a variety of materials and mediums, as you create unique artworks including printed photos, magazine clippings, collage materials, paint, found objects and more. You will learn exciting techniques in creating one of a kind, contemporary works of art. This class will teach you how to manipulate imagery to create texture and layers in communicating ideas in ways that go beyond the traditional.

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